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The General NEBOSH Certificate in Health and Safety is one of the world’s most frequently held credentials for health and safety. It provides the abilities and know-how necessary for individuals to work and visit in a secure and healthy setting.

The training is provided both at home (for UK students) and abroad (for learners based outside of the UK).

NEBOSH is the most common qualification at level 3 of NEBOSH. The qualifications are recognized both at national and international level

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NEBOSH are the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. Globally known for setting the highest international standards in health and safety. Ensuring rigorous examination values and safeguarding the integrity of the credentials earned. The credentials obtained from NEBOSH courses vary from Awards through Diploma level. Original Nebosh diploma NEBOSH diploma in Dubai, Georgia, Tunisia, Ghana, Spain,certificate nyc, Get original NEBOSH online certificate, NEBOSH Certificate Original Ontario, Ontario. NEBOSH original certificate for sale in Pakistan,Original NEBOSH sales in Egypt.

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