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How we work with agents
Paragon looks forward to working with individuals and organizations that share our business values.
For individuals and organizations looking for partnership benefits, Paragon is introducing the CELPIP Network. This program provides incentives to members for adhering to business practices that align with Paragon’s values. Paragon works closely with organizations around the world to ensure that our partners are of the highest quality and can maintain test taker and stakeholder confidence in our tests. Application, acceptance and ongoing membership in the CELPIP network includes:

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          Application Process

Includes completing the CELPIP Network Application Form and answering follow-up questions from Paragon staff. Once accepted, members will receive a welcome packet with instructions on how to use the network features.

Admission criteria
Includes a professional website and email address, a listing of relevant accreditations, professional designations and memberships in professional associations.

Membership review
An annual review where we check compliance with our Branding Guidelines, the continued flow of registered test takers, and ask them to complete a customer satisfaction survey.

What is the CELPIP Network?
To support your customers and ensure their success living and working in Canada.
The features of the tiered levels of the CELPIP Network program include:

Trusted & Convenient
Client registrations can be made directly from the agent account dashboard

Use of Branding.
Members can brand their materials with our logos as well as our exclusive Network Member badges

8% Referral Commission *
Members can access our referral program, which provides materials to earn referral commissions from trial sign-ups.
*For international agents only

CELPIP test results are available online through your CELPIP account within 4-5 calendar days of the test date.
CELPIP test results are available online through your CELPIP account.
Test takers can access their CELPIP test results online through their CELPIP account within 4-5 calendar days of the test date.

Two hard copies of your CELPIP Official Score Report will be sent to you by Canada Post to your registered address.
You will receive an email notification when your results are available
Your CELPIP test results can be viewed online in your CELPIP account for a period of 2 years from your test date.
Additional options for your results include:

Additional Score Reports
Additional Official Score Reports can be ordered through your CELPIP account for an additional fee. See below for more details wiki

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